Neal's Corporate Catering Express

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*If allergic to any food products, seasonings, spices or herbs, please let a staff member know.

Breakfast Start Ups

10 Guest

Continental Breakfast
Breakfast pastries with fresh seasonal fruits, choice of brewed coffee, hot tea, chilled orange juice – 4.95 per guest add water for 1.00 per guest

Fresh chilled orange or grapefruit juice, V-8, pineapple, cranberry, tomato, apple or prune juice – 1.95

Sliced fruit plate with seasonal berries – 3.15 per guest

Mixed granola with seasonal mixed berries – 1.75 per guest

Granola, Greek yogurt & berries 3.75 per guest

Fresh bagel w/light or regular cream cheese, croissant, Danish or muffin selection – 2.25 per guest

Assorted healthy box cereal and skim milk – 3.05 per guest

Hot oatmeal, brown sugar, honey & raisins – 3.25 per guest, add fresh mixed berries or sliced bananas for 1.30 per guest

Egg Special
Two farmfresh eggsany style with fresh hash browns, toast, croissant or biscuit – 5.25 per guest

I'm Proud to be an All American
Two large eggs any style with bacon pan sausages, turkey patties or links – 6.75 per guest

Big Daddy Three Egg Omelet, Hungry!
With choice of cheese: provolone, pepper jack, Colby or baby Swiss, choice of meat: bacon, turkey bacon, sausage, red or green onions, chopped mushrooms, sweet peppers, spinach or cherry tomatoes – 7.50 per guest

Corned Beef
Southern corned beef hash topped w/two poached eggs – 7.85 per guest

Vegetarian Special
Egg white with fresh sautéed spinach, mushrooms and tomato salsa – 5.75 per guest

Straight From the Griddle
Stack em small, three pancakes with two eggs any style, choice of bacon, turkey bacon or sausage links or patties – 5.50 per guest

Short Stack
Mini short stack of buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter – 4.50 per guest

A La Carte (eat lite)

English muffin or toast w/butter and jelly – 2.15 per guest
Biscuit and sausage gravy – 3.50 per guest
Bacon, turkey bacon, sage sausages, sausage links or ham off the bone – 3.25 per guest
One fresh farm large egg any style – 1.50 per guest add Colby or baby Swiss cheese for .75 per guest
Assorted fruit yogurt – 2.50 per guest
Short stack pancakes – 3.75 per guest

Regular or decaffeinated coffee or tea – 1.25 per guest
Hot chocolate – 1.00 per guest
Skim, 2% or whole milk – 2.25 per guest

All meals come with jelly, syrup & toast


Mini Breakfast

Min 10 Guests

Yogurt Parfait
Variety of yogurt flavors, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, pineapple and mango all customized to your liking sided by crunchy granola – 3.25 per guest

Breakfast sweet bread sliced platter, a mixer of sliced blueberry, pound, banana bread, lemon etc. serves 12 guests 19.50

Healthy assorted snack bars 2.50 per guest

Whole Fruits
Bananas, apples, oranges 1.30 per guest

Assorted jumbo muffins filled w/strawberry, raspberry, cherry or blackberry gourmet cream cheese with fresh sliced fruit3.00 per guest

Yogurt Special
Green or red apples filled w/choice of yogurt topped w/fresh mixed berries, strawberry, cherry or blueberry 2.90 per guest


Morning Breakfast

Min 10 Guests

The Chicago Cubs! – 11.25 per guest
Food Roster 2016

Choose One:
Seasonal fruit cup or bottled water

Choose Choice of Eggs:
Plain or cheddar with fresh chopped chives

Choose One Potato:
Quarter red skin roasted potatoes,homestyle shredded potato with red sweet onions or roasted fingerling potatoes

Choose Two Meats of Choice:
Sage sausage patties, sausage links, turkey links or patties, bacon or ham off the bone

Choose One:
- Grits or oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, toasted nuts (walnuts or pecans)
- Meal comes with mini assorted muffin and bagel or toast (white or wheat)

Add whole fruit 1.30 per guest
Add Coffee 1.00 per cup
Water 1.00 per bottle
Orange juice 10oz 1.95 per bottle

Bagel Bar
Assorted mini bagel tray with assorted homestyle cream cheeses 2.50 per guest 10 guest minimum
Assorted mini muffins 2.50 per guest minimum 10 guest
Assorted breakfast pastry tray 4.50 per guest 10 guest minimum

Pancakes & French Toast
Homestyle mini pancake stack of 4 per guest, whole wheat pancakes with chocolate chips stack of 4 per guest, Hawaii's own semi-sweet thick slices of loaf bread dipped into a vanilla bean batter topped with a honey butter powdered sugar with real maple syrup 4.25 per guest


Morning Breakfast Buffet

The Chicago White Sox Breakfast!
Food Roster 2016

All Natural Turkey Bacon
half tray 45.00 (30 pieces) full tray 90.00 (60 pieces)

half tray 55.00 (30 pieces) full tray 105.00 (60 pieces)

All Natural Cage Free Scrambled Eggs
half tray 18.50 (20 guest) full tray 36.75 (40 guest)

Homestyle mini sized pancakes with whipped butter, maple syrup and powered sugar – half tray 24.75 (10-15 guest) full tray 46.25 (25 – 30 guest)

Mini bite size quiche spinach & mozzarella cheese, chopped red & sweet bell peppers 2.75 per person minimum 10 guest

Homestyle Potatoes
choice of fresh grated Idaho, skillet cook homemade fries w/fresh garlic or roasted fingerling potatoes topped with sour cream & fresh chopped cilantro ½ pan 22.50 or whole pan 45.25

Chill Time – Lox Plate
Smoked Salmon, thin slices of red sweet onions, assorted bagels, individual cream cheeses 3.75 per person minimum 10 guest

Yogurt Bar
Assorted bowls of yogurt, assorted berries, granolas 3.50 per guest, Greek low in calories individual cups 1.45 per guest

Add-ons: bottled water 1.00 per guest, 10oz bottle of juice 1.95 per guest or coffee 1.00 per cup



Minimum 10 guests

Cold Coffee's– 9.5 bottle 2.25 per bottle, Frappuccino, Starbuck's iced coffee's vanilla, coffee & milk, caramel

Gourmet Coffees – Coffeechoices: Colombian narino, French roast, mocha java blend and breakfast blend 1.50 per cup.

Relaxing Hot Tea– White tea, green tea, china black, traditional blends and herbal teas served with 8oz cup 1.25 per cup

ChilledIced Tea Bottles 16oz 2.25 per bottle – Arizona, Snapple, Lipton, 12oz lemonade tea

Chilled Bottled10oz Juices2.00 per bottle – Tropicana, ruby red, grapefruit, apple and cranberry

Chilled Water – Bottled 16oz 1.00 per bottle, Perrier or S. Pellegrino 8.45oz 1.75 per bottle, 11.5oz can of flavored Dasani 2.00

Caffeinated/Decaffeinated – Hot coffee 1.00 per cup

All condiments included, all hot coffee come with creamer and sugar, skim milk 2.25 per carton

Break Time

It's break time get away from the annoying boss and chatty co-workers; try these delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches minimum 10 guest 6.75 per guest

Fresh sliced lobster &Gruyere cheese
Basil pesto & smoked Gouda, spinach & white cheddar, sliced steak tomato & cheddar Chicago style

Fresh Sliced Lobster
Gruyerecheese on 2 slices of multi-grain bread buttered

Spinach &White Cheddar
On King Hawaiian original sweet bread buttered

Tomato Special
Sliced steak tomato, Wisconsin Colby jack cheese on a hoagie buttered roll

The Italian
Slices of tomato slices, fresh mozzarella cheese sitting on two toasted Italian breads topped w/fresh basil pesto

The All American
Two slices of white bread grilled with American cheese

Add side salad 3.25 extra, soda .99 (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Diet 7-Up, Dr. Pepper) water 1.00, LaCroixsparkling water 1.85, 10oz bottle of juice 2.00, Sanpellegrino flavored water 1.80

All sandwiches come with kettle chips, cookie, heating kit, plates and heavy duty napkins


Appetizers and Homemade Soup

Minimum 10 guests

Shrimp Cocktail – Large chilled gulf shrimp served with white horseradish cocktail sauce – 9.95 per guest

Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Creamy homemade spinach and artichoke dip served with crispy pita & tortilla chips – 7.75 per guest

Mini Wing Dings – Tossed in assorted hot, sweet, Asian bbq sauces, home style ranch and blue cheese dressing w/celery – 8.75 per guest

Boneless Chicken Tenders – Hand breaded served with sweet & sour dipping sauce – 7.30 per guest

Home Style Potato Wedges – White or Sweet, fresh grated parmesan cheese topped with fresh chopped chives  –3.75 per guest

Carrot Soup w/fresh Crème – 2.75 per guest

Chicken Noodle Homemade Soup – 6oz cup – 2.75, bowl – 3.85 per guest

Fresh Onion Soup Au Gratin –A classic served with smoked provolone and parmesan shaved cheese – 6oz cup 3.00, bowl – 4.25 per guest

Fresh Broccoli Soup – 6oz cup 2.50, bowl 3.75 per guest

Three Bean Soup – 6oz cup of navy, kidney and butter beans 2.75 bowl 3.25 per guest


Let's Brown Bag It!

Min 10 Guests

Choose One Meat:
Smoked turkey
Roast Beef
Vegetarians:Romaine lettuce, sliced cucumbers and sliced steak tomatoes

Choose One Bread:
Whole Wheat
Marble Rye
Hoagie Roll

Choose One Cheese:
Baby Swiss

All sandwiches come with a cookie and bag of chips, Jay's or Lay's – 8.25 per guest

Add chocolate chip cookie 1.50 each
Add soda .99, 16ozwater 1.00 each
Add whole fruit choice: apple, orange, banana 1.30 per guest
Add 4oz pasta salad 1.75 per guest, side salad 6oz 1.85 per guest
Add carrot spears 1.25 per guest

All sliced pickle, packs of mayo, mustard& napkins included


Neal's Special Made Wraps (Hot or Cold)

All wraps come with dill pickle, kettle chips, pasta or garden salad, cookie beverage - $10.95 per person plus tax, $5.95 delivery fee, minimum of 10 guest

Grilled Caesar
Triple washed crispy Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, crouton dust, perfectly seasoned grilled chicken finished with Caesar dressing

Avocado Chicken
Fresh Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, sliced avocado, tomatoes, red onions

Tuna Wrap
Delicious white tuna delightfully seasoned with our own special seasonings, Romaine lettuce & thinly sliced red onions & tomatoes

“Neal’s Wrap”
Grilled chicken, crisp Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, parmesan cheese w/zesty Italian dressing

“Jermakin Me Krazy”
Grilled jerk chicken wrapped with sliced tomatoes, onions, topped with our Jamaican jerk sauce

“Wrap it Up”
Smoked turkey, sweet red pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, layered with provolone cheese and your favorite dressing

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Slow grilled chicken breast drizzled w/original Tabasco sauce, juicy red tomatoes, and have your red onions sautéed or uncooked topped w/crumbled bleu cheese dressing

Health Conscious
All the veggies in the house wrapped in spinach wrap with your choice of delicious tuna or grilled chicken

“Beef it Up”
Angus beef slices slow grilled, chipotle mustard, Romaine lettuce, American cheese, red onions, and roasted tomatoes ($12.00 per person)

Choose from either Tomato Spinach, Wheat or Plain Wrap!


Lunch Boxes – Hot Meals

Chi-Town Turn Up
Shaved roast beef piled high, mild cheddar cheese, steak tomatoes, shredded romaine leaves sitting on a dugout whole wheat roll topped w/a red wine vinaigrette Italian seasoning (we dig out the bread so you can have more toppings. 9.50 per guest

The Best of Both Worlds
Thin slices of honey baked ham, slow roasted chipotle turkey, fresh spinach, Dijon mustard sitting on flat surface (flat bread). 9.25 per guest

Chicago Skyline
Fresh free range chicken breast seasoned to perfection slowly grilled paprika & mild or hot Cajun seasoning, sliced thinly on a marble marinated plum slices, sweet pepper mayo. 8.50 per guest

Magnificent Mile
Thin slices of skirt steak, grilled and tossed in a house bbq sauce, grilled red onions, pepper Jack cheese on a toasted onion roll. 10.25 per guest

Veggie Lady
Mixed greens, tomato slices, shitake mushroom slices, carrots layered w/a black bean spread, crumbled feta cheese on a rye roll (dug out), so you can get more toppings. 8.50 per guest

Call The Wagon
Gourmet tuna curry style, red & green sweet peppers chopped, broccoli sprouts, diced red onions, slice of provolone cheese, romaine leaves on pumpernickel bread. 8.75 per guest

Fresh Turkey Breast
Slowly cooked sliced thinly raspberry jelly, blue cheese crumbles on a fresh roll (dug out so you can get more toppings). 9.75 per guest

All lunch boxes come with cookie and bag of kettle chips, add side of pasta salad for 3.25 per guest

Add 16oz water – 1.00
Add 12oz can of soda – .99 (Coke, Sprite, Pepsi and Diet Coke)


Salad Bowls

6.95 Per Guest

Popeye Salad
Chopped romaine, spinach leaves, slices of cucumbers, strips of jicama, slices of carrots, topped w/homestyle croutons

Caesar Salad
Chopped romaine, shredded fresh parmesan, crunchy homestyle herb croutons

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce, red sliced onions, black olives, red & yellow sweet peppers, sliced cherry tomatoes, bite sized feta cheese, Kalamata Greek olives tossed in a Greek dressing, olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, crushed Greek oregano, salt, pepper and fresh minced garlic

Taco Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced red sweet onions, black beans, grilled corn niblets, diced tomato, crunchy corn chips with ranch dressing

Neal's Famous Bongalo Salad
Fresh chopped romaine, radicchio lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, marinated plum sliced tomatoes, fresh crisp sliced cucumbers, strips of carrots tossed in Neal's orange vinaigrette dressing

Add meats
Grilled jumbo 4 shrimps 5.25 per guest
Grilled 6oz chicken breast (free range) 4.75 per guest
Grilled 4oz sirloin steak (hormone free) 3.50 per guest

All salads come with homestyle ranch, blue cheese, Italian or balsamic vinaigrette dressing


Fresh House Salads

Road House Salad – Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes served with your choice of dressing; house ranch, blue cheese, or balsamic vinaigrette – 6.75 per guest

Chopped Salad – Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, scallions, sliced carrots, cucumbers, Applewood bacon, blue cheese crumbles served with our homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing – 5.75 per guest

Classic Caesar – Add grilled chicken breast 3.00 per guest or grilled jumbo seasoned shrimp 4.00 per guest


Catering Side Sessions

Mostaccioli w/fresh parmesan cheese topped w/Neal’s homemade red sauce
Half Tray (serves 15-25) 65.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 95.00

Tara’s homemade macaroni w/three cheezies
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 55.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 95.00

Tex Mex Mac + Mexican cheezies, choice of veggies, beef, chicken or ground turkey
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 55.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 75.00

Homemade creamy smashed buttermilk cilantro red potatoes w/light brown gravy
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 35.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 75.00

Mustard & turnip greens w/turkey wings
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 30.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 70.00

Fresh sautéed spinach w/toasted pine nuts seasoned well
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 60.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 80.00

Succotash w/fresh corn kernels, fresh okra, onions, fresh garlic, green peppers topped w/tomato sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 45.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 85.00

Fresh mushroom & cheese cream sauce over a bed of fusilli noodles
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 40.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 75.00

Gourmet Corporate Decision Buffet

10 Guest

Choose one, two or three entrees and includes one vegetable, one potato and one salad. Neal's cuisines will compliment you with the choice of bread you desire with your gourmet meal all accompanies of buffet: disposable tableware, wire racks and sternals for maximum of two hours. 10 guest minimum

One entrée – 11.50 per guest
Two entrée – 14.75 per guest
Three entrée – 17.00 per guest

Double stuffed chicken breast shrimp mousse macadamia nut crust

Quarter Chicken
All natural fresh herb roasted quarter chicken marinated overnight in Mediterranean olive oil chopped poultry herb Rosemary & thyme seasoned to perfection

Grilled Chicken
All natural chicken grilled Peruvian marinated overnight blend of all juices and herbs soy, lime, paprika

Brown Sugar Barbecued Chicken
this fork tender delicious chicken is worth ordering for the sauce. Glazed chicken parts, thigh, drumstick, wing &breast topped w/own brown sugar bbq sauce

Short Ribs
Braised slow cooked short ribs, say a prayer before you start to eat these ribs, one bite of the succulent meat falling off of the bone. We marinated our short ribs for 48 hours. We topped it with a Dijon mustard sauce and plum sliced tomatoes, so good!

Skirt steak –With cilantro garlic sauce - 6oz skirt steak topped with homestyle fresh garlic and chopped cilantro

Pot Roast – Slow cooked all natural beef pot roast celery, carrots, red sweet onions, fresh chopped garlic, red wine Cabernet Sauvignon sauce sided by goat cheese mashed potatoes


Buffet Style

Our corporate meals range from 12.00 to 16.25 per guest. For 12.00 guests will receive 1 entrée 1 side. For 13.00 guest will receive one meat two sides of choice. For 16.25 guests will receive two meats, two sides of choice, 1.50 extra side dishes
Pasta's – Fettuccini Alfredo vodka sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh veggie medley, wild rice w/craisins, roasted veggies w/orzo pasta, grilled asparagus, home style meatballs, ¼ red roasted potatoes

12.00 per person
15 – 20 guests 12.00 per guest
25 – 50 guests 11.00 per guest
50 plus guests 10.00 per guest

13.00 per person
15 – 20 guests 13.00 per guest
25 – 50 guests 12.00 per guest
50 plus guests 11.00 per guest

16.25 per person
15 – 20 guests 16.25 per guest
25 – 50 guests 15.00 per guest
50 plus guests 14.00 per guest

All package deals come with disposable full pans and racks. Each rack contains two gel sterno's, life expand two hours max. Guest will receive heavy flatware, plates,salad and pasta disposable bowls.

Please do not throw sterno's in garbage, cover with cap that comes with and let it cool for approximately 30 minutes before tossing.

Dessert Assortment – Mrs. Fields bite size chocolate chip cookie or peanut butter or bite sized brownies.

If any guest have a peanut or any other allergies or need gluten free products. Please inform one of our staff members. We will greatly take care of our guest.


Specialty Trays

6.95 Per Guest

Non Veggies
Deli meat trays, sliced turkey breast, angus top roast beef, smoked ham, black forest ham and genoa salami
Serves 8-10 guests 6.50 per guest

Veggie luvers
We luv carrots, cherry tomatoes, red & green sweet peppers. Cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower centered around a creamy homestyle spinach dip 4.75 per guest

Non Veggies
Meat & cheese tray, assortments of meat & chesses, smoked turkey, sugar ham, roast & corned beef, genoa salami, Colby jack, American, Pepper jack, smoked gouda, Swiss 8.95 per guest

Non Veggies
Gourmet meat & fruit tray – Medallion of grilled chicken breast, sliced kiwi, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe topped with five spice Chinese mustard 5.75 per guest

Bread & Crackers – assorted gourmet
breads & crackers 3.25 per guest

Seasonal fruit tray 4.75 per person minimum 10 guests



Seasonal fruit tray 4.75 per person minimum 10 guests


Seasonal fruit tray 4.75 per person minimum 10 guests


Corporate Catering

10 Guest

We as caters understand the last minute catering someone forgot to order lunch dang it! Call Neal's catering cuisines; we are the best of food without the attitude. Yes we do not have attitudes. Yes we will provide you with our speedy service, not only the service is great, the cuisines are delicious. All of our ingredients and seasonings are made from scratch. All of our prices are customized to your personalities. Our service starts at ten guests and up. You decide, we're here for you.

Hours of Operation:
Our kitchen opens at 5am delivery starts at 6am until 6pm Mon – Sat. Sunday delivery starts at 7am – 5pm.

How to Order:
Just call one of our customer service representatives. They will walk you through the process of ordering 773-698-3611.

We deliver to the downtown area for $15, outside of downtown, $25 and suburbs $35

Catering Set-Up:
We will come to your facility to set-up. One of our staff members will instruct an office employee on how to discard the sternals and breakdown the tables.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and corporate checks.

Must be called into our office and confirmed by email. If there is a corporate drop off order, it may be cancelled without charge if it is done before 2:00pm, the work day prior to the event.

Same Day Corporate:
Drop off cancellation will be charged 75% of the confirmed or contracted price.

Outdoor Event:
May be cancelled 8 hours prior to foodservice.  If the event is not rebooked then the deposit will be refunded minus the cost of sub-contracted items and a 25% service fee.

Special Events:
Once contracted, cannot be cancelled with the exception of any incident.