Neal's Gourmet Catering Menu

*If allergic to any food products, seasonings, spices or herbs, please let a staff member know.

Desserts & Beverages

Georgia’s Banana Split: – Fresh sliced bananas, covered w/assorted ice creams, layered w/fresh large strawberries, whip cream topping, drizzled in chocolate topped w/crushed toasted Georgia walnuts
Serves 10-15 45.00
Serves 20-30 90.00

Strawberry Cheesecake
Serves 10-15 50.00
Serves 20-30 95.00

Linda Lee’s – sweet delicious potato not ya mom’s homemade pie
Serves 10-15 35.00
Sevres 20-30 70.00

Thelma’s House Finger Licking Banana Pudding: – Slices of bananas, crunchy vanilla wafers, layered in between crumbled graham crackers
Serves 10-15 50.00
Serves 20-32 80.00

Italian Cuisines

(If allergic to any food products, seasoning, spices or herbs, please let a staff know)

Spaghetti baked and layered w/fresh spinach, mild chaddar & fresh parmesan cheese w/Neal’s homemade red sauce filled w/herbs for every pasta luvers taste
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 65.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 75.00

Whole Wheat Spaghetti layered w/fresh broccoli & mild vegetarian cheese topped w/Neal’s gourmet homemade organic sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 95.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 140.00

Penne Pasta topped w/roasted red strips of sweet peppers and grilled portabella mushrooms layered w/fresh mozzarella cheese & Neal’s famous homemade red sauce w/fresh parsley
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 85.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 120.00

Linguini Pasta topped w/Neal’s freshly homemade Alfredo sauce & fresh spinach
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 95.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 105.00

*add jumbo grilled prawns
10-15 guest 45.00
25-50 guest 75.00

*add chicken breast strips
10-15 guest 18.00
25-50 guest 36.00

Jumbo Stuffed Gourmet Beef Meatballs three cheeses with choice of hypnotic BBQ, regular BBQ or red sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 90.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 150.00

Chicken Stuffed Meatballs w/cheese and fresh spinach in BBQ sauce or Neal’s homemade gourmet red sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 75.00
Full Tray (serves 25-30) 110.00

Turkey Jumbo Seasoned Meatballs stuffed w/sharp cheddar cheese marinated in sweet BBQ finger licking, toe tapping sauce or Neal’s famous u want to slap ya mama red sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 70.00
Full Tray (serves 25-30) 98.00

Chicken Parmesan: Grilled herbed boneless chicken breast topped w/panko crunchy bread crumbs, fresh mozzarella cheese and Neal’s own red sauce
Half Tray (serves 8-10) 75.00
Full Tray (serves 10-20) 155.00

Lasagna: Choice of chicken, beef, turkey or veggie
Half Pan 75.00
Full Pan 125.00

Fettuccini Spinach Pasta tossed in a creamy fresh home style Alfredo sauce w/a splash of Svedka vodka
Half Pan 65.00
Full Pan

Cream Risotto w/green peas
Half Pan (serves 10-15) 55.00
Full Pan (serves 15-25) 110.00

Tomato Homestyle Ravioli stuffed w/chicken, lamb, beef, pork or turkey & feta cheese tossed in a light cream sauce
Half Pan (serves 8-10) 62.00
Full Pan (serves 15-25) 124.00

Stuffed Shells w/ricotta cheese & spinach topped w/fresh chopped basil and Neal’s own red sauce
Serves 8-10 65.00
Serves 15-30 115.00

One of Italians’ favorite dishes sausage and cheese mani colti (pasta)
Half Pan (serves 10-12) 70.00
Full Pan (serves 15-25) 140

Pot Roast: Beef roast smothered in a rich red wine sauce w/fresh button slice mushroom, fresh sliced carrots & celery sided w/plantain smashed garlic potatoes
Serves 8-15 95.00
Serves 15-30 160.00

Chicken R Us

“Best Chicken in the Midwest Southern Style.” “All chicken deep fried or baked comes with rolls or fresh muffins. Ask about our all natural chicken wings.

Try our jerk chicken wings with our homemade jerk sauce. For larger order contact one of our representatives.

50 wings, all natural, no hormones

50 wings, grilled or fried

Chicken parts, grilled, baked or fried, 50 mixed – breast, wings, legs and thighs

Gourmet Mini Chicken Lollipops Drummetts
BBQ, lemon pepper or put the flame hot sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 80.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 135.00

Whole Wings
50 pcs. – 80.00
75 pcs. – 95.00
100 pcs. – 115.00

Georgia’s Chicken Dinners Sourthern Style
Choose any one:
(1) 25 pcs. Fried Chicken w/15 rolls or fresh muffins 95.00 (two 7 inch sides of choice)
(2) 50 pcs. Fried Chicken w/25 rolls or fresh muffins 150.00 (three 7 inch sides of choice)
(3) 75 pcs. Fried Chicken w/50 rolls or fresh muffins 180.00 (two half trays of sides of choice)
(4) 100 pcs. Fried Chicken w/70 rolls or fresh muffins 235.00 (three half trays of sides of choice)

Xtra set of rolls or fresh muffins – 12.00

All chicken dinners (R) served w/the choice of homemade creamy smashed red potatoes w/rich and savory gravy, homemade coleslaw, homemade potato salad, baked beans w/Italian sausage, Tara’s homemade (3) cheezie macaroni, fresh sautéed spinach, mustard greens w/turkey wings, homemade sweet potatoes, steamed fresh veggies or corn on cob

Gourmet Meat Trays

Cold Gourmet Meat Trays

Assorted sliced meats: pastrami, turkey, ham, corn beef with sliced bread, cheeses: Colby, Swiss, Provolone with Dijon or regular mustard

Roast beef, corn beef, thin turkey slices, gourmet crackers, assorted mini gourmet breads, cheeses: Baby Swiss and Sharp Cheddar

Hot Meat Trays

Fresh roasted turkey slices covered w/light brown homemade gravy
Half Tray (serves 10-15)
Full Tray (serves 20-40)

Grilled herb boneless skinless chicken breast, sliced thinly tossed in a creamy mushroom red wine sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15)
Full Tray (serves 20-40)

Gourmet meatloaf with ground beef or ground turkey meatloaf, stuffed w/clam noodles & sharp cheddar cheese layered with a bacon crust topped w/Neal’s homemade BBQ sauce or red sauce
Serves 10-15
Serves 20-35

Fresh baked honey ham slices topped w/citrus glaze
Serves 10-15 55.00
Serves 20-40 95.00

Eggplant seasoned like no other veggie tossed in our own homemade Alfredo sauce w/splash of Vodka
Serves 10-15 60.00
Serves 20-40 90.00

Catering Side Sessions

Mostaccioli w/fresh parmesan cheese topped w/Neal’s homemade red sauce
Half Tray (serves 15-25) 65.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 95.00

Tara’s homemade macaroni w/three cheezies
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 55.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 95.00

Tex Mex Mac + Mexican cheezies, choice of veggies, beef, chicken or ground turkey
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 55.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 75.00

Homemade creamy smashed buttermilk cilantro red potatoes w/light brown gravy
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 35.00
Full Tray (serves 25-50) 75.00

Mustard & turnip greens w/turkey wings
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 30.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 70.00

Fresh sautéed spinach w/toasted pine nuts seasoned well
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 60.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 80.00

Succotash w/fresh corn kernels, fresh okra, onions, fresh garlic, green peppers topped w/tomato sauce
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 45.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 85.00

Fresh mushroom & cheese cream sauce over a bed of fusilli noodles
Half Tray (serves 10-15) 40.00
Full Tray (serves 20-30) 75.00


Garden Salad – Fresh crisp lettuce, cucumbers, red Spanish onions, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green & red sweet peppers and carrots
Serves 10-15 65.00
Serves 20-30 110.00

Anti-Pasta: Fresh romaine lettuce, tomato, stuffed olives, pepperoni anchovies & fresh mozzarella cheese
Serves 8-15 80.00
Serves 10-30 100.00

Julienne Salad: Fresh romaine lettuce, strips of ham, sharp cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, tomato, sliced hard boiled eggs w/carrots
Serves 8-15 45.00
Serves 10-30 75.00

Neal’s Gourmet Taco Salad: Frito Lay’s corn chips, romaine lettuce, sweet Vidalia roasted onions, (6) Mexican cheese, roasted corn kernels, black beans, choice of strips of grilled sirloin marinated steak, grilled chicken breast or ground turkey, w/sour cream on side. Ask about our homemade guacamole.
Serves 8-15 75.00
Serves 10-30 125.00

Neal’s Famous Bongalo Salad: Grilled strip steak or chicken, fresh romaine lettuce, radicchio lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, marinated plum tomatoes, fresh crisp cucumbers & strips of carrots w/Neal’s orange vinaigrette
Serves 8-15 85.00
Serves 10-30 130.00

Asian Salad: Strips of fresh veggies of all sort topped with a sweet chili sauce
Serves 8-15 75.00
Serves 10-30 140.00

Seafood Tangerine Salad: Large grilled seasoned shrimps, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes w/slices of tangerine sitting on a bed of fried noodles topped w/Neal’s orange citrus vinaigrette
Serves 8-15 85.00
Serves 10-30 130.00

Meat & Cheese Veggie & Fruit Trays

Veggie Tray
Serves 10-20 35.00
Serves 30-50 80.00

Gourmet Cheese & Cracker Tray
Serves 10-20 65.00
Serves 30-40 125.00

Variety Meat & Cheese Roll-Up Tray
Serves 10-20 60.00
Serves 30-40 90.00

Assorted Fruit Tray
Serves 10-20 60.00
Serves 25-40 95.00

Veggie & Vegan Cuisines

Veggie Lasagna Mexican Style - ½ Pan 120.75

Baked corn tortillas sliced into strips layered w/black beans, refried beans, yellow Mexican rice layered w/homemade salsa, mozzarella cheese, topped w/sour cream, chopped cilantro, and fresh diced green scallions.

Red Baked Potato Loaf – ½ Pan 89.55

Stuffed w/fresh sautéed spinach, chopped red and green peppers, sweet potatoes, red chopped sweet onions cut into potato squares.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti – ½ Pan 95.50

Spaghetti with roasted eggplant slices, roasted corn kernels, chopped sautéed green & red sweet peppers, black beans tossed in an all-natural Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Spaghetti Squash – ½ Pan 110.15

Fresh spaghetti seasoned green & yellow squash, sliced cherry tomatoes, grilled chilled asparagus spears.

Penne Pasta – ½ Pan 125.75

Roasted veggies, parmesan cheese and orzo pasta and vegan butter.

Morocco Style Vegan Cuisines

  1. Spicy carrots and chickpea tagine with turmeric & fresh cilantro – ½ Pan 75.40
  2. Tagine of yam, shallots, carrots and prunes – ½ Pan 55.75
  3. Tagine of artichokes, potatoes, peas and saffron – ½ Pan 75.45
  4. Orange sweet slices salad w/red sweet onion slices and black olives w/squeezed lime juice – ½ Pan 72.25

Veggie & Vegan Gourmet Burgers

  1. Fresh mini black bean burger topped w/a corn tomato salsa, sitting on shredded romaine lettuce & whole wheat bun – ½ Pan 60.55
  2. Grilled eggplant, slices of steak tomatoes, grilled onions, shredded radicchio lettuce topped w/a homemade ziki sauce sitting on a whole wheat pita bread – ½ Pan 90.25
  3. Tomato & fresh mozzarella mini burgers topped w/ fresh basil vinaigrette sauce sitting on a whole wheat toasted roll – ½ Pan 64.75